How To Charge iPad When Plugged Into PC

As I am sure you are aware, most computer USB ports do not provide the required 2.1 amps that the iPad needs to charge.  Standard USB ports only supply 1.0 amp, which is fine for iPhones and iPods, but insufficient for the iPad.  Fortunately, some motherboard manufacturers have released a utility that will allow charging directly from onboard USB ports.

Asus has released the Ai Charger utility, which is available here:

Next, MSI has also released a utility, which can be downloaded here:

UPDATE: One of our readers suggested that Gigabyte has also released a utility. Download it here:

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How to Fix Inverted or Damaged Screen

Some users may experience a damaged iPad screen, which can be caused by a variety of factors.  Please follow this guide if you have any of the following problems:

  • Artifacts on screen.
  • Partially inverted colors on screen.
  • Blank areas of screen.

The first and foremost troubleshooting step is to reset the iPad.  Find the steps here.

If that does not work, make sure the screen is not set to invert colors.  This is an accessibility option that can be found in Settings-General-White on Black.

If that does not work, please return to the Apple store for repair, as it is most likely a irreparable hardware problem that requires replacement.  Many users are having good experience with this, as Apple will most likely replace the iPad on the spot.

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How To Resolve iPad Video Playback Issues

Many users are reporting that Netflix, YouTube, and other video sources can experience playback issues, which include freezing, skipping, and other irregularities. There are a few methods you can perform to resolve this problem, which many users have reported will fix it. (continue reading…)

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Use iPhone 4 SIM Card in iPad 3G

The new iPhone 4 and iPad 3G model both use similar micro-SIM cards to access wireless data networks.  Many users who own both devices are unhappy at being charged twice by AT&T.  While this technique does work, it is not approved by AT&T, so please proceed at your own risk. is not liable for any damages or problems you may incur. (continue reading…)

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App Will Not Start

Periodically, you could experience a problem where an App will not start.  When you click on the icon, the screen will go blank for a second, and then revert back to the desktop.  This could be caused by a number of factors, and there are a couple tricks to get them to work. (continue reading…)

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How To Reset iPad

Similar to computers and smartphones, iPads utilize internal memory to run necessary programs and applications.  Over time, this memory can become “full” and cause the device to “lag.”  A quick solution is to periodically reset your iPad with the following steps: (continue reading…)

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Resolving WiFi Connectivity On Dual-Band Routers

Some users are reporting that the iPad may not automatically join a pre-configured wireless network after restart or waking from sleep. This can be caused by dual-band wireless routers with the following conditions:  (continue reading…)

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